they played with the ensemble

Etienne Lamatelle, solo trombone in the Musique des Gardiens de la Paix
Nicolas Moutier, solo trombone in the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg
Joël Vaïsse, solo trombone in the Orchestre National de France | World premiere of Marc Lys' Nonagone
Guillaume Varupenne, solo bass trombone in the Opéra de Paris
Matthias Gromer, solo trombone in the Mannheim Opernhaus and in the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Henning Wiegräbe, trombone teacher at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule
Stuttgarter Posaunenconsort,trombone ensemble of the Stuttgart Musikhochschule

they composed for the ensemble

Timothy Cooper Friction | world premieres in Paris and Stuttgart on 02.02.2012 & 17.02.2012
Alexandre Fontaines Rite op.45 | world premiere in Lille (France) on 21.10.2012
Marc Lys Nonagone | world premiere in Paris on 04.07.2012 (Joël Vaïsse, solo trombone)